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​​​​​​​​​Personalised Licence Numbers (PLN)

Application form only available at the NaTIS registering authorities

The procedures and laws applicable

  1.  A PLN is a licence number of a person's choice with the purpose of allocating the number to his/her vehicle. A PLN consist of a maximum of seven alphabetical or numerical characters or a combination of alpha-numerical characters followed by the Namibian national flag and the letters NA depicting Namibia.
  2.  A PLN may not be:​
    • ​​Obscene, Indecent , Immoral nature or such that it would offend the public morals or decency
  3. No person may issue, manufacture or affix to a motor vehicle a PLN number plate unless in accordance with the Regulations.

Application and issuing procedure:

  1. ​​Complete application form and attach copy of certified I.D. Indicate meaning of the three PLN choices on the application form.
  2. Submit application form at appropriate (town where a person permanently
  3. ​ A confirmation letter of approval will be issued to the applicant once the PLN choice is approved. The applicant will also be informed accordingly if application is declined. The confirmation will be issued within two working days.
  4. Once the PLN is approved the customer has 21 days to pay a fee of N$1800,00 for the PLN plates. If the applicant fails to pay within 21 days the allocation of the PLN expires and the PLN may be available to other applicants.
  5.  Once fee is paid the plates will be ordered from the number plate manufacturer and then be forwarded to the appropriate NaTIS office and subsequently be issued to the owner. There is a maximum waiting period of five working days to manufacturer plates.
  6. ​ A PLN must be renewed annually. The renewal fee is N$ 240-00.

If the PLN  is not renewed within 90 working days the PLN becomes void and will be made available to other applicants.

Where service is available? Contacts?

The PLN application can be done at any appropriate NaTIS office. or contact the following telephone numbers at the NaTIS Helpdesk for further assistance:
+264 061 2847212
+264 061 2847213
+264 061 2847214
+264 061 2847215
+264 061 2847268

The Personalised Licence Numbers are issued under the Road Traffic Transport Regulations, 2001, Regulations 37-42.​



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