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Roads Authority supports and adheres to the policy and legislative framework which the Government has in place to re-address the disadvantaged social and economic position.
  • Relevant procedures and processes must reflect a procurement system which is sustainable, fair, ethical, equitable, transparent, competitive and cost effective.
  • Roads Authority will take necessary action regarding corrupt activities and acts of financial misconduct.
  • Roads Authority’s code of Ethics requires that all business transactions are based on sound business practices and are conducted with integrity, fairness and transparency by adhering to a properly documented procurement process




 Please see the list of open bid opportunities by clicking on the link: ​opportunities_bids.aspx


 Awarded Contracts


 Please see the list of awarded contracts by following the link: awarded_contracts.aspx


 Cancelled Bids


To view all cancelled bids follow the link: cancelled_bids.aspx


 Supplier Relationship Management  


Click the supplier Registration form link below to download it and deliver the completed form to the Roads Authority's Procurement Management Unit.

                               Expression of Interest - Supplier Registration Form.pdf



 Contact Details



Mr. Roger Ochs

Interim Manager: Procurement Management Unit

Tel: +264 61 284 7031


Mr. Eben !Gawaxab

Procurement Officer: Tenders & Contracts

Tel: +264 61 284 7088






For downloading all procurement documents, conditions of contract, policies and procedures follow the link: procurement-resources.aspx






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The Roads Authority, whose core business is to construct and maintain Namibia’s road sector, plays a pivotal role towards road safety in Namibia. Namibia’s road network has been ranked among the safest, most efficient and sustainable, and is the envy of many countries.

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