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A function of RTTI, apart from the enforcement of the law, the RTTI provides the following services to the general public free of charge, comprising of:

  1. Weighing of vehicles for tare weigh, if required for registration and licencing purposes, and
  2. Serve as distribution points for Roads Authority forms such as application forms for public road carrier permits (tri-angles or drie-hoek) and abnormal permit application forms.

The purpose of weighing vehicles is to preserve the road infrastructure by controlling overloading while the purpose of inspecting vehicles and drivers is to ensure vehicle and driver fitness (permits, licences, roadworthy, sobriety) as well as to promote road safety).

Non-compliance penalties:​

The public is advised to be aware of the following consequences for non- compliance to the relevant legislations by road users applicable:

  • Overloading
    1. Of up to 2000kg: N$300 for Admission of guilt.
    2. Of more than 2000kg: results in a Criminal case docket opened with the Police. Furthermore, the driver will be arrested and detained until released either on bail or on notice to appear in court at the next court date.

​If found guilty, a fine is determined by the courts and may vary from N$300 to a maximum fine of N$20 000.

Other offences:

Admission of guilt carries a fine ranging from N$150- N$300.​


A management perspective of the causes and consequences of overloading practices in the Namibian tracking industry:

download here



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The Roads Authority, whose core business is to construct and maintain Namibia’s road sector, plays a pivotal role towards road safety in Namibia. Namibia’s road network has been ranked among the safest, most efficient and sustainable, and is the envy of many countries.

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