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NaTIS, a subdivision of Transport Information and Regulatory Services, manages   32 registering authorities (NaTIS offices)  countrywide of which most are managed through local authorities. The following functions are carried out  at these offices:

•  Vehicle registration and licensing, 
•  Roadworthy testing
•  Driver testing and licensing
•  Applicaton for personalised and spesific numbers
•  Aplication for Temporary and special permits

Learner and Driver Licensing

The following are the Categories of Learners Licences:


Code 1: Motorcycles

Code 2: Motor vehicles of which the tare does not exceed 3 500kg and minibus, bus, or goods vehicle for which gross vehicle mass (GVM) does not exceed   3 500kg.

Code 3: Motor vehicle for which the tare exceed 3 500kg

What is the age Restriction for Learners Licence?

Code 1: Must be 16 years or older for Code A1 Driving Licence; and 17 years for Code a Driving Licence

Code 2: Must be 17 years or older

Code 3: Must be 18 years or older

Period of validity of Learners Licence is 18 months from the date of issue.

Categories of Driving Licenses

Code A1: Motorcycles for with an engine cylinder capacity not exceeding 125 cubic centimeters.

Code A: Motorcycles with engine cylinder capacity exceeding 125 cubic centimeters.

Code B: Motor vehicle with which the tare does not exceed 3 500kg.

Code BE: Articulated motor vehicle with the tare, gross vehicle mass (GVM) and gross combination mass (GCM) that does not exceeding 3 500kg including the drawn vehicle (t railer).

Code C1: Motor vehicle with a tare or gross vehicle mass (GVM) that exceeds 3 500kg but not 16 000kg.

Code C: Motor vehicle with a GVM exceeding 16 000kg, with a trailer’s GVM not exceeding 750kg, but exclude an articulated motor vehicle.

Code C1E: Articulated motor vehicle which the GVM exceeds 3 500kg but not 16 000kg; combination of vehicle and a trailer of the GVM does not exceed 750 kg, but the gross combination mass of the drawing vehicle does not exceed 16 000 kg.

Code CE: Articulated motor vehicle of which the GCM of the truck-tractor exceeds 16 000 kg; combination of a motor vehicle of which the GCM exceeds 16 000 kg and trailer which the GVM which exceeds 750 kg.

The Age Restriction for Driving Licence

Code A1: 16 years

Codes A, B, C1, C, C1E, CE: 18 years


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