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NaTIS, a subdivision of Transport Information and Regulatory Services, manages   32 registering authorities (NaTIS offices)  countrywide of which most are managed through local authorities. The following functions are carried out  at these offices:

•  Vehicle registration and licensing, 
•  Roadworthy testing
•  Driver testing and licensing
•  Applicaton for personalised and spesific numbers
•  Aplication for Temporary and special permits

Learner and Driver Licensing

The following are the Categories of Learners Licences:


Code 1: Motorcycles

Code 2: Motor vehicles of which the tare does not exceed 3 500kg and minibus, bus, or goods vehicle for which gross vehicle mass (GVM) does not exceed   3 500kg.

Code 3: Motor vehicle for which the tare exceed 3 500kg

What is the age Restriction for Learners Licence?

Code 1: Must be 16 years or older for Code A1 Driving Licence; and 17 years for Code a Driving Licence

Code 2: Must be 17 years or older

Code 3: Must be 18 years or older

Period of validity of Learners Licence is 18 months from the date of issue.

Categories of Driving Licenses

Code A1: Motorcycles for with an engine cylinder capacity not exceeding 125 cubic centimeters.

Code A: Motorcycles with engine cylinder capacity exceeding 125 cubic centimeters.

Code B: Motor vehicle with which the tare does not exceed 3 500kg.

Code BE: Articulated motor vehicle with the tare, gross vehicle mass (GVM) and gross combination mass (GCM) that does not exceeding 3 500kg including the drawn vehicle (t railer).

Code C1: Motor vehicle with a tare or gross vehicle mass (GVM) that exceeds 3 500kg but not 16 000kg.

Code C: Motor vehicle with a GVM exceeding 16 000kg, with a trailer’s GVM not exceeding 750kg, but exclude an articulated motor vehicle.

Code C1E: Articulated motor vehicle which the GVM exceeds 3 500kg but not 16 000kg; combination of vehicle and a trailer of the GVM does not exceed 750 kg, but the gross combination mass of the drawing vehicle does not exceed 16 000 kg.

Code CE: Articulated motor vehicle of which the GCM of the truck-tractor exceeds 16 000 kg; combination of a motor vehicle of which the GCM exceeds 16 000 kg and trailer which the GVM which exceeds 750 kg.

The Age Restriction for Driving Licence

Code A1: 16 years

Codes A, B, C1, C, C1E, CE: 18 years

Application Requirements For Learners Licence And Driving Licence

Learners Licence

What is required to obtain your Learner’s Licence?

The applicant for a learners licence is required to have the following when s/he comes to the driving testing centre:

• Completed application form for learners licence (available at your nearest and driver testing station).
• The applicant’s eyes will be tested (visual acuity). 
• Acceptable identification of the applicant (ID, temporary Id certificate, or traffic register number).
• Applicable fees (available at testing stations)
• If applicant is older than 65 years, a medical certificate must be submitted on the approved form

(available at nearest registering authority).

Driving Licence

The application for driving licence and renewal thereof must be made at the driving testing centre and accompanied by:

• Completed application form for driving licence (available at your nearest driver testing station).
• Acceptable identification (ID, temporary Id certificate, or traffic register number).
• Applicable fees

An application for renewal of a driving licence must be:

Must be made six weeks before the expiry thereof; and the applicant is not subject to a driver practical retest, only an eye test will be conducted.

Collection of Driving Licence card on behalf of another person

A person authorized to collect a driving licence card on behalf of another person must submit the following documents:

• A certified copy of his identity document
• An affidavit by the person who is unable to collect the driving licence card in person, containing the name and ID number of the person to collect the driving licence card.

Conversion of Foreign Driving Licence

A driving licence issued in another country is deemed to be valid for the period of validity in that country.


The driving licence must be valid (not expired)
It must be in English or if in another language than English must be translated by a competent authority (embassy, sworn translator)
The licence must contain the photo and signature of the holder thereof

Namibians or permanent resident holders who obtained foreign driving licenses have a twelve (12) months grace period to convert their foreign driving licences to Namibian driving licences. Failure to convert within the prescribed period will nullify the driving licences.

Professional Authorisation (PA)

The holder of the following codes of licences may not drive the class motor vehicle to which it relates unless the licence is endorsed with a professional authorisation:

Codes C1, C, C1E and CE;

Any code if the vehicle is used to convey for passengers for reward;
Any code if the vehicle is used to convey dangerous goods; and 
Any code if the to which it relates is a breakdown vehicle.

Categories of Professional Authorisation

"P" for conveyance of Passengers only
"G" for conveyance of Goods only
"D" for conveyance of Dangerous goods only

Requirements for professional authorisation

The applicant must be declared healthy by a medical practitioner;

For conveyance of passengers for reward the applicant must be 21 years and older;

For conveyance of dangerous goods the applicant must be 25 years and older, and must have completed training course approved by the Minister;

The applicant must not have been convicted in the past five years (5) of the following:

- Driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs that have narcotic effects
- Driving a motor vehicle while the in the blood or breath exceeded a statutory limitation;
- Reckless and negligent driving; or in the case authorisation for conveying passengers, an offence of which violence was an element.

The application for professional authorization must be made at the driving testing station.


Motor Vehicle Registration

All vehicles whether or not used on the public road must be registered unless specifically exempted by legislation. Registration for a motor vehicle must be made within 21 days from the date when liability arises.

Requirements for Motor Vehicle Registration

Motor vehicles acquired in Namibia (second-hand vehicle):

• A Certificate of Registration for the motor vehicle received from the seller. 
• The motor vehicle must have Police Clearance certificate from Namibian Police.
• If acquired from a deceased estate, in addition to the above: 
• a letter from the executor of the late estate must be submitted or letter of appointment as the hirer by the headman.
• If acquired from judicial attachment in execution, the following documents must be submitted:
• Letter from Messenger of the court;
• Tax invoice containing the full particulars of motor vehicle;
• A copy of the Warrant of Execution
• A copy of the Notice of Sale
• If motor vehicle is new (acquired from Namibia), a manufacturer certificate from the manufacturer and Police Clearance must be submitted.  In addition roadworthy certification must be conducted

Registration of second-hand motor vehicles acquired outside Namibia:

Application for registration and licensing

Certificate of registration in respect of that motor vehicle from the country of origin.

If vehicle is from any SADC country, SARPCCO (Southern Africa Regional Police Chiefs Cooperation Organisation) must be submitted from the country of origin.

If vehicle comes from a country other than SADC country, a Namibia Police clearance is required.

Proof of compliance with the provision of customs and excise legislation.

If a new motor vehicle is acquired outside Namibia:

Application for registration and licensing

A manufacturer certificate from the manufacturer

Proof of compliance with the provision of customs and excise legislation.

Motor Vehicle Licensing

Every motor vehicle in Namibia must be licensed whether it is operated on a public road or not, unless exempted in terms of legislation. Licensing for motor vehicle must be done within 21 days from the date when liability arises

Requirements for Licensing of motor Vehicle:

• A certificate of roadworthiness (if applicable)
• Payment of prescribed fees

Requirements when Motor Vehicle Changes Ownership (second hand):

When a motor vehicle changes ownership, the person selling the motor vehicle must do the following:

• Hand over the certificate of registration in respect of that motor vehicle
• Must within 21 days notify the registering authority (NaTIS Office) about the change on the approved form.
• Ensure that s/he receives an acknowledgement of that notice that the motor vehicle is no longer on their name.
• Ensure that the motor vehicle does not have any outstanding licence fees

If the motor vehicle was stole n, the owner of the motor vehicle must:

• Within 24hours the owner must report the theft to the Police when s/he becomes aware of the theft.
• With seven (7) days s/he must notify the registering authority if the motor vehicle has not been recovered.

Procedure if the motor vehicle becomes permanently unfit for use as a motor vehicle:

If the motor vehicle becomes permanently unfit for use as a motor vehicle, the owner must:

• Notify the registering authority on the approved form.
• Submit the registration certificate of that motor vehicle to the registering authority, upon which a deregistration certificate will be issued.


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